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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 25, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." black friday, it's not the same any more. no. what used to be the time to browse is now the time to shop. hurt and trapped, no cell service to call for help, who saved his life. you might remember this hero. the wrong medicine. >> they are basically poison, you take too many you could possibly kill yourself. >> pharmacy mistakes, doses of the wrong medicine. when is the best time of the month to get a transcription filled? you ever wonder what your neighbors are doing for thanksgiving? well we're going to go inside the house and show you. good evening, hope you had a wonderful evening, i'm allen martin, dana and depending are off tonight of course. the dishes are done, the focus now, the hot deals. a lot of stores not even waiting for black friday, they were open today.
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joe vasquez on the new thanksgiving day shopping tradition. do people like it. >> you bet. here we are at toys "r" us at san mateo. the shopping is on. two years ago they opened early morning on friday after thanksgiving. last year they opened at midnight. tonight 10:00 p.m. hook at this line. it stretches around arm a dill hoe will lease here. there are a couple of hundred people in this line. black friday has started early. a picture-perfect thanksgiving quickly gives way to the next holiday in line, black friday, the first day of christmas sales. but nowadays more and more shoppers are getting an even earlier jump for joy. at the best buy in coal nut these folks are willing to camp out in near freezing conditions for some savings. >> the tvs are, like what, a thousand dollars off? >> reporter: retailers are projecting an improved christmas shopping season this
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year. after an brutal drop in '08 last year was only slightly better and they are expecting a modest increase again. and shoppers are looking for better prices than years in past. >> yeah. >> i've actually been to the outlet on black friday and that was also open. >> reporter: so if you're willing to deal with long cold lines. >> that is not cooked. >> you are not cooked. >> reporter: and a barely cooked thanksgiving meal here is wishing you a happy black friday. here is hoping i remembered to send my christmas cards early this year. >> and we're back live. there is christian, doing his late-night shopping. mom, what's it like in there? >> umm, busy. >> busy? there is a long line already, right? >> yeah. >> it's just been open an hour. >> yeah, very long lines, lots of people. people seem like they are moving pretty quick though. >> it's worth it to come this
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early. >> yeah. >> you got some good deals. >> i saved like over $100. >> yeah, my wife says she saves money but didn't you have to spend a lot to save a lot. >> spent 100 and saved 100. >> i think i can relate with christian. >> time to go. get me out of here. >> joe vasquez in san mateo, thanks. well with the stores opening earlier and earlier, some are trying to get active to stick out in the crowd. today, old navy workers broke into a, what they called a gobble dance every hour. this was at the san francisco store on market. old navy calls this gobblepalooza. it's marketing to lure customers away from the turkey and into the store. >> what better day to shop and be thankful they have money to shop. >> analysts say stores have to
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do something different to compete with 24/7 online sales. it's going to be a marathon night of shopping at the gilroy premium outlets, this is live now at the shopping center, 3 dozen stores opened at 10:00 tonight, a handful of other shops just welcomed customer a few minutes ago and the line at the coach outlet store there by the way, well, it -- the line was long even before the doors opened so at midnight all the retailers at the outlet will be open for business and they are not gonna close until 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night. obviously the live trucks there for the media too. for tomorrow's black friday car b.a.r.t. will be adding more cars to its train. then in the morning the agency will also hold shopping safety awareness campaigns at three stations, walnut creek, elsinore take, and pleasanton. even though crime and robberies are down on b.a.r.t. they'll give you tips to keep yourself and your stuff safe on
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holidays. all right. shopping out there tonight means one thing, lawrence, if you don't have the rights coteau better be inside the store. >> no kidding, they have got to really want to shop. we have talked about very cold temperatures again, another freezing night outside. freezing warnings up in the north and the east bay, temperatures expected to drop down in the mid-20s and 30s again. some places in the sheltered areas down in the low 20s, even inside the bay frost, in and around the bay. watch the pet, pipe, plants and people. it's going to be cold everywhere. temperatures dropping like a rock outside. in many spots those numbers down into the 20s and 30s, just how much colder will it get? when can we expect some warmer weather? we'll talk about that coming up in a couple minutes, back to you. >> all righty. we'll look for you. this is pretty scary. a thanksgiving hike prompted a rescue mission. an east bay man was seriously injured after a fall leaving him in a particularly challenging spot for the emergency cruise.
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the obstacles they faced trying to get the man off the side of the mountain. >> this 20-year-old east bay man has a profound understanding of thanksgiving tonight. if not for this c hp helicopter and two contra costa firefighters mount diablo may have claimed another life. >> the ankle injury alone, he wouldn't have been able to walk out of there. >> he is lucky to be alive. >> yeah, because we had, you know, difficult for us. >> reporter: a 911 call sent captain vincent wells, a flyer, to the park virtually blind. >> i didn't know what we had and we had a civilian leading us up there and he is trying his best to describe, you know, what the situation was. >> reporter: it was worse than the captain could imagine, the 20-year-old, while hiking, had fallen 30 feet off of a boulder. >> and after he falls, then the rock comes tumbling down. >> the rock came down and hit him in his -- landed on his ankle. >> reporter: in an area too remote for trucks that meant
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captain wells and another firefighter had to hike. >> it's pretty steep sometimes where you're literally crawling, kind of crawling up. >> reporter: for 20 minutes with a 50-pound paramedic bag on his back. >> you're walking with this 50- pound back and walking with this backboard. >> right. >> reporter: once they reached him they realized the radios didn't work so they had to climb back up to radio for help but the only help was by air. but lifting off the side of mount diablo can be summed up in one word. harrowing. >> we had to lay him on his face. >> he is inside this bag. >> reporter: captainhe faced danger before. he threw a line to company gan tver her car went in the creek. now he has pride death's grip from two lives he is a
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reluctant hero. >> >> you see yourself as a hero today. >> i wouldn't say a hero. >> rob liles, cbs5. three masks men are suspected of carrying out a violent robbery at a walnut creek diener after it closed. happened at the back bear diener about 1:00 a.m. an employee was walking out the back when one of the robbers hit him in the face. officers say one guy had a bat, another had a knife. in between the cash rental sister and the safe they apparently got away with about $600. in silicon valley apple is taking a bite out of hewlett packard's property. they bought high pressure's old 98-acre campus in cupertino. it is about a 5-minute drive from apple's headquarters and right by some other land. no word on how much money high pressure wanted for the land it has opened for decades, real estate experts say they expected it to top $300
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million. a 13-year-old berkeley boy wanted to give back to the community after his own life was saved by an organ donor. hundreds of dippers were given to the hungry in west oakland. michael kara way needed a liver transplant to survive, well he got one, it was his idea to give back and so he and his family launched mikey's meals. >> i feel good helping other people that i don't know, giving back, not expecting anything in return. so that's pretty good. >> on new year's day mikey is going to be honored for paying forward his gist of life. he gets to ride one of the floats in the tournament of roses parade in pasadena. well tens of thousands of u.s. troops in afghanistan are finding ways to celebrate thanksgiving even though they are is very far from home. the day began with a 10k turkey trot run for about 400 troops. later they were treated to that traditional thanksgiving dinner
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with all the trimmings. their special guest was the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan who stopped by to pay a visit to wounded soldiers. >> obviously it would be nice to be at home on thanksgiving but at the same time i would rather be back with my friends. >> president obama called members of the armed services earlier today wishing them a happy thanksgiving and, of course, thanking them for their service. it happens more often than you think. a prescription for one medicine filled with another. what you can do to make sure you're getting the right stuff. this was totally random. our mike sugerman stops by a stranger's house for thanksgiving dinner.
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prescription. tonight, we' me of the it can be a deadly mistake. the pharmacy giving you the wrong precipitation. tonight we're learning that the times of the month when the majority of those medication errors happen. curtis ming on that and the steps you can take to make sure the right pills are in the right bottle. >> i started thinking what is wrong with michael. why is he feeling bad. >> reporter: this is scary. >> it is scary. >> reporter: jean black said several weeks after his precipitation was filled at this start store he started feeling funny. >> my joints were aching, i was having dizziness and then very,
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very fatigued. >> she noticed the pills from the two precipitations he was taking every single day looked a lot aligning. she returned to the pharmacy. >> she looked at it and she told me that it was the same pill, that they had made a mistake. >> the pharmacy admitted to putting the same pills in both bottles. that meant for two months he was taking too much of one precipitation and none of the other. >> i was shocked. i really was. >> reporter: fortunately the mistake was not life threatening but precipitation mistakes can be. >> they are basically poison, you take too many you could possibly kill yourself. >> virginia harold the director for the california board of pharmacy says 200 precipitations are filled each year in the state but she admits they have no clue how many miss teaks are made because state laws don't require them to be reported to the board. >> most pharmacies aren't going to pick up the phone and say "oh by the way i made a mistake." >> reporter: so the only time
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they find out is when a patient complains to the pharmacy board. they have only received 210 complaints, any requirements to require mandatory reporting have failed. including a bill earlier this year. >> we were stunned by it. it was a bill that would have been good for the board and patients. >> reporter: although she says no pharmacist wants to make a mistake they are human. >> we get busy and we can overlook things. >> independent pharmacist says one way to quit make being mistakes don't show up that consultation with the pharmacist. >> if you show up with something to treat toenail fungus, and i'm telling you this is for seizures, a red flag ought to go off. >> reporter: just because a drug date is listed on the bottle check the pills to make sure what's really inside. those tiny letters etched into the pills are there for a reason, compare what you see there with a pill precipitation required to be listed on the
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bottle. target admitted the mistake in the case of michael black calling it a serious oversight and they have reached out to him trying to negotiate a settlement. this pharmacy fiasco served as quite the hess son for michael. >> you really need to start checking your pills before you start taking them. >> curtis ming says they found the majority of the medication errors happen at the beginning of the month which makes sense when you realize that's when the most precipitations are filled. we have been wondering about lawrence, the tryptophan, were you tripped out by that. >> yeah. >> snap to. >> i'm not the only one, it's been a good night to enjoy family. stay warm, it's cold outside in spots. clear skies again, frost and freezing warnings up all around the bay areas, looking at very chilly temperatures again well down into the 20s in some spots, already there in some areas. right now looking at 29 degrees in fairfield, 38 in the napa
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valley, 38 in vallejo, 35 in livermore and 39 officially in san jose. but there are many places already down into the 20s and 30s by our automated weather system. some cold temperatures. arctic air continues to sit overhead. but there's some relief in sight. would you believe it it's a storm that is going to warm things up in the bay area. for tonight though, clear and cold. don't have those clouds overhead. won't be until tomorrow night we see the clouds moving in, some of that rain is going to help warm things up in the bay area. look for another cold one, bundle up, going to be chilly in spots, especially inland, those temperatures running into the 20s, into the napa valley, 26 for an overnight low, 27 degrees in santa rosa, 28 in livermore, about 29 degrees even in san rafael. in and around the bay you're looking at temperatures hovering just above freezing, some places just below, so we're going to wake up with widespread frost around the bay area, be careful on black friday, black ice on the roadways, can be slick out there with some of that ice
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showing up out there on the asphalt. temperatures looking to be run up into the 50s, mostly sunny skies in the early part have the day, but by the afternoon we begin to see a couple high clouds move into our skies. that's a sign of changes on the way. cold front diving into what i area, that will help warm the temperatures up for overnight lows tomorrow night. don't expect freezing temperatures down below although it will be cold enough we'll likely see some of the snow across some of our peaks at 3,000 feet or so. looks like a wet saturday around the bay area, saturday partly cloudy skies, monday and tuesday looks like temperatures begin to warm up just a bit. but looks like tonight is the last night of really cold temperatures. >> you have noting going tomorrow. >> no. >> i have circled some things you want to get me. >> all right. >> 3" or something. >> okay. >> you got it. he wasn't invited but he was welcomed in. mike sugerman drops in on one woman's thanksgiving celebration. nice guy.
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bank. what's the your wallet. if you ever wanted to peek in on your neighbors during thanksgiving and see what they are doing, watch this mike sugerman crashed a person's place and spent thanksgiving. >> what about regular people like you and me. i'm working but people like you. how are you spending your day. let's go to some place random and find out. burling game. let's go to burling game. >> funny huh. >> i'm here with channel 5 television and we want to see what a typical burling game family does for thanksgiving would you mind if we came in and watched. >> no, i thought you were the guests we were waiting for. we have a house full. my name is rebecca big ham. we have four kids. >> yeah. >> we have kind of a loud and active family and at thanksgiving we like to have a lot of people over?
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how many people. >> i think we planned for 40. >> 40 people. i started doing a lot last night. this morning i started about 6. >> 6:00. >> but i enjoy it. about half-way through my turkey i realized it wasn't cooking so we had like an oven blow out so my oven just -- my pilot light went out. >> you got 40 people coming and your oven is not working. >> my oven is not working. i put one turkey in the roaster and called my neighbors in a panic like you do and because i had a lot of my food done the night before i got to shove it in their oven. there's an old adage i live by. you don't take the stuffing out when you're cooking your turkey. the best thing is when you get to stick your fingers under the skin and rub the butter. >> how much butter. >> i used 6-pound of butter. i hope you're staying. potatoes, sweet potatoes both purchase raid and roasted.
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>> right. >> green been casserole, turkey and ham and stuffing. >> hope your thanksgiving was as happy as this one. in burlingame, mike sugerman, cbs5. it's a tradition unlike any other, no not the mass terse, the annual turkey game at caesar stadium and brad smith turns on the jets but losses a shoe. that's next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ great work everybody! now freshly remodeled, your target has never been better.
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stadium balboa high school was after its first city title in 26 years this morning at take czar stadium. >> woohoo. >> the bucs had no answer for washington's running game. the eagles racked up over 300 yards on the ground, galen hall scores one of their five rushing touchdowns, washington wins turkey games -- the turkey game 36-6. bay... the annual big bone game [ cheering and applause ] [ crowd din . >> we won, we've got like beautiful kids, beautiful friends, what else could you ask for.
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it's a beautiful day. >> a beautiful day to be alive. meanwhile down in the south bay the annual big bone game between lincoln and san jose, lions running back stephen thompson takes it in for 6. lincoln wins big and for the 13th year in a row the big bone stays in their trophy case. of course thanksgiving day wouldn't be complete without the nfl. the lions were going for their first win on turkey day since thuy. detroit led tom brady and the patriots 17-10 at the half but the new england offense exploded in the second half, brady throws four touchdowns, the pats scored 28 unanswered points and beat the lions 45- 24. investor rejones watched his coups come back after being down 23-7, but they hit lance moore for the game winning utility. the saints have won four straight, they beat the cowboys 30-27. e losing a shoe during the run
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the bengals put it on the table and the jets cleared it right off. brad smith scores on an 89-yard kickoff return despite losing a shoe during the run. the jets win 26-10, matching the patriots with a league-best 9 wins. vince young's days in tennessee may be numbered after getting in an argument with jeff fisher following sunday's loss to the redskins. yesterday young apologized to his coach via text message. take a guess how that went over. >> i'm not a real big text guy. i'm not really into this new- age stuff. i don't twit or tweet but i think face to face is a man thing. >> monte and his young bears taking on 20th ranked temple. t.j.deleao takes it the other way. always led by two at the half. but cal close test game on a 19- 5 run. h jorge gutiirrez gives them
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the lead, they improve to 3-0. stanford spending their weekend in annaheim. andrew zimmerman with a touch pass but the cardinal would be held to 18 first half points, measure rye speights on the run, gentleman one long for the layup. the racers win 55-52 and stanford its first loss of the season. the raiders are busy preparing for sunday's game against the dolphins but they did spare us a few minutes to reflect on their thanksgiving memories. >> for a long time i was on drinks so i would, you know, i was good at 7-up and you know coke and sprite and you know all that kind of stuff. i've graduated now to deviled eggs. >> reporter: what are you most thankful for this year? >> health, my family, and, umm, health, my family and i got both my parents still living so i'm good.
11:31 pm
fifth quarter sunday at 4 'clock... >> the raiders. >> thank you dana. the game may be blacked out but que get all the highlights and the reaction on the fifth quarter sunday right here on cbs5 at 4:00. of course there is a lot of shopping to be done between now and then. >> it's amazing dana can do that after a full meal she has had and -- >> she does it like nobody else. >> like nobody else. >> all right kim. thanks. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] san francisco.
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awitness news news is brought to you by cadillac. the new standard in the world. >> how about some more food. a feast for beast. 14ly measures at the zoo had their dinner made. madagascar green bean salad, fruit wine. that's why they are all over the table there. the formal settings and everything aside, table manners were optional. so they just had at it. why not. like many families around the bay area. >> yeah, our table manners were very good. >> yeah, we were full. >> we're still full. >> any


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